Platinum is the high-performing solution for your car, powered by ceramic coating experts Gtechniq. Platinum paint protection is covered by a 5-year guarantee.


    Key to long-term gloss retention is swirl resistance. The main cause of degradation in gloss, is the build-up of micro-scratches made when your car gets washed. Platinum offers class-leading abrasion resistance.


    Platinum paint protection has been formulated to be 100% optically clear. As a result, it delivers a deep and rich high gloss finish.

  • Chemical Bond

    The coating has been scientifically formulated to bond to the surface of your car’s paintwork. The chemical bond makes the coating the active surface of the car, shielding it from UV, dirt, acid rain and detergent.

  • Ceramic Protection

    Platinum Crystal Coat forms an ultra -durable, high-gloss, slick-to-touch, chemically bonding, inorganic layer of 9h optically clear ceramic. This ceramic protection actively reduces the number of swirls in your car’s paintwork, retaining its candy-like gloss, and as good as new looks, for longer.

  • Contaminant Defence

    Its highly dense layer is resistant to chemicals from pH2 – pH12. This makes contaminants such as tree sap, tar and hard water spots easier to remove.

  • The Benefits Of Being Gtechniq Accredited

    As a Gtechniq Accredited Installer, you received the following benefits:

    • Protected territory – Not be located within a 30 minute drive of an existing accredited detailer.
    • Dedicated marketing support to help push sales

    • Use of the Gtechniq Accredited logo
    • Point of Sale items
    • Listing on the Gtechniq website
    • Technical support and a dedicated account manager
  • What Does It Take To Become Accredited?

    In order to offer Gtechniq customers the best possible experience, we do look for detailers that fit the criteria below:

    • Have a minimum of 2 years experience of running their own detailing business
    • Have been detailing for a minimum of 3 years
    • Are currently detailing full time
    • Commit to a minimum of 4 coatings per month (excluding HALO and EXO)
    • Commit to at least one day’s training at the Gtechniq Centre of Excellence (The Detailing Academy Training Center)
    • Operate from a purpose-built detailing studio
    • A territory must be available

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