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3D Bug Remover

3D Bug Remover

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One of the worst and most common problems we encounter while driving our vehicles are flying insects.  It’s an unavoidable problem and for some geographical areas, you experience seasonal bug problems where millions of bugs hatch and then fly around as a part of their mating ritual.

Bug guts are acidic and when bugs impact onto your car’s paint finish, if not neutralized and removed in a timely manner, the acids are corrosive enough they will eat away portions of your car’s clearcoat paint and when this happens, the only true repair is to repaint the affected panels.  Clear paint protection film or PPF, used on the front of cars to protect them from rock chips is even more prone to damage from the acids in bugs and for this reason it’s even more important to remove dried bug splatter as soon as possible.

3D Bug Remover is a professional grade product designed for professional detailers but safe enough for enthusiasts to use too.  You can use this product as a stand-alone product meaning you can use it even if you’re not planning to wash the car.  This makes it perfect for road trips because anytime you pull over for fuel, snacks, or lodging, you can use 3D Bug Remover with a few microfiber towels and remove all the dead bug bodies off the front of your car, windows, side mirrors, headlights, turn signal lights and front bumpers.

You can also use 3D Bug Remover as a pre-soak before washing your car.  Simple spray 3D Bug Remover onto any surface with dead bugs and allow the product to work for 45 seconds or longer.  Then wash these areas using a clean wash mitt and your favorite 3D car wash soap to remove the dead bug carcasses and bug gut splatter.

3D Bug Remover is safe for any surface and will not remove any pre-existing wax, sealant, or paint coatings.  Unlike some bug removers, 3D Bug Remover will not leave a film behind on the surface but instead leaves the paint clean and glossy.

Bug splatter damage can be very costly to fix, for example, just to repaint the average passenger car hood can cost as little as $500.00 and can go even higher depending upon the make and model of the vehicle.  A more cost-effective and pro-active remedy is to keep a bottle of 3D Bug Remover together with a collection of clean microfiber towels in a storage place in your vehicle and remove dead bugs and bug splatter as soon as possible anytime you pull off the road.

Here at 3D, our team of chemists at our own Research & Development Lab create ALL the formulas for 3D Products.  We have the best team of chemist in the entire car care industry.  Besides creating our own proprietary formulas, we also own and operate our own manufacturing plant right here in the U.S.A., in Santa Clarita, California.

Unlike many car detailing brands that must outsource the production of their products to an outside company, we make all our products in-house.  You can trust you’re getting the best ingredients, the highest-grade chemicals and 100% unique formulas without having to pay the extra cost that is unavoidable when you purchase from a middleman.

3D on the outside of the bottle means you can trust the product on the inside of the bottle.

What is it? - Spray-on bug guts and bug splatter remover.

What does it do? - Penetrates, softens dried bugs and bug guts so they can be safely wiped or washed off.

When do you use it? - As soon as possible to prevent permanent damage to clearcoat paint and clear bras.  Bug guts are acidic and will etch or eat through your car’s clearcoat paint finish.  The faster you can remove any impacted bugs off your car the greater the chance your car will avoid costly and also unsightly damage.

Why use 3D Bug Remover over other options? - When it comes to choosing any brand of bug remover, the most important aspect of your decision is choosing a brand that provides you with the highest and most professional grade ingredients inside the bottle.  Fancy graphics and buzz words that over-hype a product is usually an indicator more research was invested in the marketing or selling of the product than on the formula inside the bottle.

As a major car care product manufacture in the world, we put the focus on the performance of what’s inside the bottle, not the marketing fluff on the outside of the bottle.  Like any product that carries the 3D brand on the label – you can trust you’re getting the best and highest performing professional grade products for all your car care needs and this includes our 3D Bug Remover for cleaning and protecting your car’s finish.  You have the word of our head chemist and also the owner and founder of 3D Products – Tunch Gorin.

  • Pro-grade formula penetrates and dissolves dried-on bugs and bug guts.
  • Natural enzymes neutralize acidic bug guts – stops corrosion of clearcoat.
  • Safe on paint, clear bras, glass, plastic, vinyl wraps, graphics, and chrome.
  • Safer than scrubbing – less risk for scratching with mitts, brushes, or sponges.
  • Use by itself – spray-on, wipe-off – or as a spray-on pre-wash soak.
  • Won’t remove previously applied waxes, sealants, or ceramic coatings.
  • Pleasant scent, easy to use, restores a clean, shiny finish.
  • 3D’s Green Earth Technology – Biodegradable, Prop 65 and V.O.C. compliant.

IMPORTANT:  Always work on a cool surface in the shade. Always shake liquids well before and during use.

Spray-on, wipe-off technique

Step 1:  Spray a heavy amount of product to any area on your car with dead bugs and/or bug splatter and allow to dwell for 30 to 45 seconds in warm or hot temperatures, and for a few minutes in cooler temperatures.  You want to give this product as much time to dwell as long as it will remain wet on the surface.  

Step 2:  Using a clean, soft microfiber towel, gently wipe the product off the treated surface.  If at any time there are areas where the product has dried, no problem, simply re-spray this area to re-liquify the product and then immediately wipe any excess product off.  Switch to a clean microfiber towel often to avoid rubbing any dead bug carcasses over your car’s finish.

Professional Technique Tip

When traveling, bring and a clean plastic bucket or container to store dirty, used towels and wash, dry and inspect when you arrive to your destination or when you return home.

Pre-soak technique

Step 1:  Spray a heavy amount of product to any area on your car with dead bugs and/or bug splatter and allow to dwell for 30 to 45 seconds in warm or hot temperatures, and for a few minutes in cooler temperatures.  You want to give this product as much time to dwell as long as it will remain wet on the surface.  

Step 2:  Blast the treated areas with a strong spray of water or using a pressure washer to remove as much of the bugs and bug splatter as possible using only water.

Step 3:  Using a clean wash mitt and your favorite 3D car wash soap, gently wash any treated panels to loosen and remove dead bugs and bug guts splatter that blasting with water did not remove. Wash the rest of the vehicle using your normal wash routine then dry.

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