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Makes detailing the hard-to-reach areas fast and easy!

3D Instant Shine is an aerosolized silicone-based trim dressing that makes restoring and maintaining a rich, high gloss sine fast and easy – especially those hard-to-reach areas like plastic grills on the front of cars, trucks and SUVs.

No-wipe formula, just spray and walk away.  Adds the finishing touch to any proper detail.  Saves you time and money.  Aerosol delivery system makes dressing anything fast and easy!

What is it?

Aerosolized silicone-based spray-on trim dressing. 

What does it do?

Makes plastic, vinyl, and rubber trim look new again.  Restores a dark, factory fresh appearance.  Perfect for vehicles with lots of exterior plastic cladding.

When do you use it?

After first washing a vehicle or wiping the surface to be treated clean.

Why use 3D Instant Shine over other options?

The 3D Instant Shine makes it really easy to get the protectant into areas that are difficult and sometimes impossible to reach using the traditional approach with a lotion and applicator.  The 3D Instant Shine covers over plastic easily and darkens the appearance to make it look fresh and clean, like it's brand new again.  After application, wipe off any excess and you're left with a dry, non-oily finish that looks crisp.  Keeping your engine compartment cleaned and dressed maintains the appearance value of the engine compartment and this can help to maintain the car's value when you trade it in or sell it.

Step 1:  First clean the surface to be treated with 3D All-Purpose-Cleaner before application. 

Step 2:  Spray the product directly onto the surface you intend to treat. 

Step 3:  For intricate hard to reach areas, allow 3D Instant Shine to air dry.  For easy to reach areas, wipe-off any excess product using a clean dry microfiber utility towel.

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