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While 3D Non-Silicone Dressing is formulated to be safe for using in fresh paint environments, thus the term, Body Shop Safe, it’s also perfectly fine for pro detailers and enthusiasts that prefer non-silicone products.

3D Non-Silicone Dressing imparts a crisp, high shine, high gloss finish to tires, trim, body moldings and hard to detail areas like black plastic grills. 

This water-based formula offers a thin viscosity making it perfect for fast spray-on application for both easy to dress arears like tire sidewalls and hard to reach areas like front plastic grills with intricate designs. 3D Non-Silicone Dressing enables you to give any car your shop works on the customer-pleasing, finishing touches everyone loves.

3D on the outside of the bottle means you can trust the product on the inside of the bottle.

What is it? - Non-silicone dressing means safe for use in fresh paint environments like body shops. No fear of causing contamination to shop.

What does it do? - Creates and restores a deep, dark shine to rubber, vinyl and plastic surfaces.

When do you use it? - After first cleaning areas to be treated first.

Why use 3D Non-Silicone Dressing over other options? - 3D Non-Silicone Dressing gives you the dark shine appearance to rubber, vinyl and plastic trim surfaces like you love from solvent and oil-based dressing but without the silicone, which can cause contamination in body shop or fresh paint environment.

Silicone-based dressings cause surface tension anywhere they land in a fresh paint environment, and this can lead to Fisheyes in the final results for a new paint job. With 3D Non-Silicone Dressing you have a product you can use to give any car you’ve painted and repaired the “just detailed look” without the fear or risk of contaminating your body shop.

  • Darkens and restores factory new appearance
  • Non-silicone, water-based – completely safe on rubber, vinyl & plastic.
  • Fast, easy spray-on application.
  • Body Shop Safe – won’t contaminate fresh paint environment.
  • Use on tires, rubber, plastic and vinyl trim, engine compartment
  • Perfect for restoring factory look to fender wells.
  • 3D’s Green Earth Technology – Biodegradable, Prop 65 and V.O.C. compliant.

IMPORTANT: Always work on a cool clean surface in the shade. Thoroughly clean tires first. The key to great results for any tire dressing or tire shine starts with clean tire sidewalls. Also, pre-clean any surface first before using 3D Non-Silicone Dressing. A clean surface enables the dressing to adhere better with uniform appearance results.

Pro Technique Tip – Use fine atomizing spray head

When using any spray-on liquid, use a spray head that offers the ability to adjust the spray pattern to efficiently atomize the liquid into a fine mist. This enables you lay down a thin, even application over larger areas with less chance of runs and sags. 

Spray heads that only squirt a stream of product lay down too concentrated amount for treating rubber, vinyl and plastic surfaces and tend to be messy for this type of product and application.

Spray-on application

Step 1: Spray a light mist of 3D Non-Silicone Dressing directly onto the surface to be treated. Allow a few seconds for the 3D Non-Silicone Dressing just sprayed to atomize together on the surface for a uniform appearance before applying more product.

Step 2: Allow product to dry before driving car.

Wipe-on application

Step 1: Apply 3D Non-Silicone Dressing directly to a foam or microfiber applicator pad and the apply and massage over surface to be treated.

Step 2: Using a clean utility microfiber towel, remove any excess and allow 3D Non-Silicone Dressing to dry before driving car.

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