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What is it?

Super, hyper-concentrated glass cleaner that uses the highest quality, complex ingredients to create the best performing glass cleaner.  3D’s proprietary homogeneous distillation process refines the key ingredients down to a pure, highly spun concentrate while removing approximately 95% of the water found in other glass cleaners.

When you buy from 3D, you’re only paying for the ingredients you want and need – not water.  If you’re ordering any of 3D’s hyper-concentrated products, (we offer a vast selection), you’re not paying to ship water to your home or business.  This makes practical financial sense considering the average person can mix the concentrate with water you already pay for at your home or business.

What does it do?

It cleans glass streak and smudge free assuming you use clean, uncontaminated glass towels.  See the supplemental information below for what makes a great glass cleaner and for what makes great glass cleaning towels.

When do you use it?

Anytime you have dirty glass or glass with some kind of oily film that’s blocking your view or creating haze or glare when you drive.  Anytime around the home, office, shop, rv, etc. when you need to clean glass and restore streak-free, smudge-free clarity.

Why use 3D’s Super Glass Cleaner over other options?

Works great.  Works better than the all the other options you’ve undoubtedly already tried and been let down by.  Delivers consistent, streak-free crystal-clear results on glass, mirrors, and plastic.

3D Super Glass Cleaner uses the most costly blend of ingredients, which separates it from all competing products, which for the most part use crude, simple ingredients and this is the reason you spend more time fighting the glass when trying to clean it as well as fighting the glass cleaner.

Besides the key element most people are looking for when searching for a glass cleaner and that’s product performance, all 3D products are California Prop 65 Compliant.

What is California Prop 65 Compliant?

In simply words, California Prop 65 is a voter-initiated proposition introduced and passed in 1986.  It is designed to protect both people and sources of drinking water from harmful chemicals.  The State of California is required to maintain, update, and publish a list of chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive injury.  The list is overseen by the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) and is updated at least once per year. certifies that our ENTIRE range of products do not contain any of the latest OEHHA listed substances or are within or under the safe harbor level requirement, if one has been adopted for the chemical or substance in question. 

In other words – we are in 100% compliance with the toughest regulations in the United States of America and also the world when it comes to manufacturing products that are safe for you and the environment.  And that’s why you should choose 3D’s Super Glass Cleaner or any 3D product over any competing product.

3D on the outside of the bottle means you can trust the product on the inside of the bottle.

Mixing product

Pre-mix 7.5 teaspoons or 2.5 tablespoons of Super Glass Cleaner to a 32-ounce spray bottle with approximately 30-ounces of distilled water and mix well.

For exterior glass

Step 1: Spray glass cleaner directly onto glass.  Allow to dwell for 15 to 30 seconds so it can go to work breaking down dirt and traffic film.

Step 2:  Using a clean, soft microfiber glass towel, spread the product over the surface and then wipe the residue off.

Step 3:  Fold or flip to an un-used side of the same towel or switch to a fresh, clean dry microfiber glass cleaning towel and give this section of glass a final wipe to ensure streak-free results.

Important:  Once all sides of a towel have been used, place the towel in a clean container or laundry hamper for washing, drying, and storing afterwards.

Pro Tip:  For Step 2, mist a tiny amount of glass cleaner directly onto the section of towel you’ll be using to make the final wipe over the glass.  This tiny mist when it comes into contact with any residual glass cleaner or film still on the glass will re-liquify it and as you make this final wipe or pass, you’ll remove everything still remaining on the glass at this time.

For interior glass

Step 1: To avoid getting glass cleaner overspray onto nearby surfaces like the dash, door panels, rear deck, etc., instead of spraying the glass cleaner directly onto the glass – spray the glass cleaner onto your microfiber glass cleaning towel.  Take this dampened portion of your glass cleaning towel and wipe the glass, or in the case of a windshield or back window, wipe half of the area, covering and spreading the glass cleaner over this section of glass.

Step 2: Immediately, while the glass cleaner residue is still wet on the surface, fold, or flip to an un-used side of the same towel or switch to a fresh, clean dry microfiber glass cleaning towel and give this section of glass a final wipe to ensure streak-free results. 

Pro Tip:  For Step 2, mist a tiny amount of glass cleaner directly onto the section of towel you’ll be using to make the final wipe over the glass.  This tiny mist when it comes into contact with any residual glass cleaner or film still on the glass will re-liquify it and as you make this final wipe or pass, you’ll remove everything still remaining on the glass at this time.

2 secrets to cleaning glass

There are 2 secrets to cleaning glass streak-free and without any smudges that professional detailers, janitors, commercial window cleaners, house cleaners and house cleaning companies all around the world know and practice.

1:  You need a great glass cleaner.

2: You need lots of quality clean, uncontaminated glass cleaning towels.

1: A great glass cleaner

The problem with cleaning glass streak-free is because we can SEE through the glass, any streak or smear shows up to our eyes like a sore thumb.  Glass tends to get an oily dirty film on it over time.  Cleaning the dirt portion could be done with something as simply as water.  But cleaning any oily film or oily substance off the glass means using a glass cleaner that is strong enough to cut or dissolve the oily portion of the film and this is where 3D’s Super Glass Cleaner shines.  

Complex formulas vs Cheap formulas

It’s incredibly cheap to make a cheap glass cleaner – just look at the bottom shelf of any grocery store or at any dollar store and you can find glass cleaner that sell for just a few dollars.  The problem with these bargain brands is you get what you pay for.  They are basically a very cheap alcohol, some blue dye and lots of water. 

Here at 3D we simply don’t make these types of products.  We only use the top shelf ingredients; in this case every ingredient is highly refined including the water.  We use the costliest alcohol that’s been hydro-filtered to remove all the nasty volatile organic compounds, (V.O.C.s).  We also use an organic dye and scent that have been hydro-extracted and filtered multiple times to create pure extracts. 

We use laboratory grade, Reverse Osmosis Water Filters to filter and refine the purity of the water in-house here at 3D’s state of the art manufacturing plant.  The results are a glass cleaner that is so pure and so refined it easily outperforms all other brands by any cleaning measurements.  The old saying is true, you get what you pay for, and when you buy any 3D product you’re getting top shelf quality, not bottom of the shelf, cheap me-too products. 

2: Lots of uncontaminated, quality glass cleaning towels

 Hard to believe because it’s really just common sense, but the most overlooked aspect when it comes to cleaning glass is the wiping cloth.  You need three things when it comes to cleaning glass fast with consistent streak-free results. 

1: Lots of towels – If you’re trying to clean any type of glass that has an oily film on it, like vinyl fog, smoker’s film or simply air pollution, once you make ONE WIPE with one side of any type of towel – this section of towel now has the oily substance on it. 

You need to STOP using that portion of the towel. 

If you continue to use it – all you’re going to do is fight yourself because at the same time you’re trying to wipe or remove any unwanted contamination off the glass – the now-contaminated wiping cloth is smearing the contaminants you’ve already removed back onto the glass.  

It’s enough to drive you insane – unless you’re smart enough and wise enough to have already figured this out.  Point being, smart people use lots of towels when cleaning glass.

2: Uncontaminated towels – Once you have used a towel to clean something oily off glass, as stated above, this towel is now contaminated.  You need to UN-CONTAMINATE it. 

How do you do this?  You use a high-quality detergent specifically formulated to break-down oily substances and flush them off of the fibers of the towels.  Yes, I’m going to recommend a 3D product to do this because like the Super Glass Cleaner, it too is made from costly ingredients by really brainy chemists that know what the heck they’re doing.  It’s called Towel Kleen.  Use it one time according to directions and never look back.

3: A flat weave, microfiber towel – The reason a flat weave works best has less to do about the fact that the design of the cloth has a flat weave or flat surface and more to do with the fact that any towel that has individual fibers will tend to leave fibers, (you call it lint), on the glass and this too drives people insane.  Especially people that are OCD about perfectly clean glass. 

If you use the best glass cleaner in the world but your towel is leaving microscopic fibers everywhere you wipe – it negates the benefit of using a great glass cleaner.  So do your research and find a quality brand of glass cleaning towel that offers a flat weave or what’s called a waffle weave.

3D Nano Pail Products & Technology

Besides great formulas – we’ve removed all the water so you get pure product that you can dilute yourself.  We do this with our own proprietary homogeneous distillation process that actually works, thus we’re able to remove all the water and sell you only the pure product.  PLUS – when you purchase our Nano-Pail products, you only pay the shipping weight of the product, you don’t pay to ship heavy water that you already have at your location.  Make sense? 

The trick with homogenization is 2 parts.

Part 1:  Keeping the formula in a uniform emulsion without the water.  We figured out how to do it.

Part 2: Creating a stable formula that YOU – the end user can add the water and create a uniform emulsion that STAYS in uniform emulsion.  We figured out how to do this too.

Part 3:  Create formulas the EASILY re-mix with water so anyone can do it and the resulting product stays mixed or remains in emulsion.

3D Nano Pail Benefits 

  1. Get the best product with the best ingredients for your hard-earned money.
  2. Save money by purchasing true concentrations – not kind of
  3. Save money because you’re not paying to ship water – water weighs 8 pounds per gallon.
  4. Mix 3D concentrates yourself to create the finished, usable products without problems.

Weight to ship RTU products

1-gallon jug = 8 pounds

5-gallon jug = 40 pounds

30-gallon jug = 240 pounds

55-gallon barrel = 440 pounds

Save your company money – don’t pay to ship water.  Purchase 3D Nano-Pails and mix yourself.

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