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3D Wipe

3D Wipe

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This is a professional grade panel wipe

Generically these types of products are called panel wipes. As the name implies, you use these types of product to wipe down a panel. The idea being to chemically dissolve and remove any polishing oils or other substances left on the surface of car paint typically after any paint correction steps that have been performed.

Normal steps for a full exterior detail

When it comes to applying a conventional car wax or synthetic sealant, the normal steps include,

  1. Wash and dry the car.
  2. Clay the paint if there are any above surface bonded contamination detected via the Baggie Test.
  3. Compound and polish the paint to remove any below surface defects like swirls and scratches.
  4. Apply a car wax or synthetic paint coating.

After step 3, you can simply move onto the final step, which is applying a car wax or synthetic paint sealant without doing anything else to the paint. Just apply the wax or sealant, wait for it to dry to a haze, wipe off the dried product and you’re done.

With ceramic paint coatings – there’s an extra step

With a ceramic paint coating there is an EXTRA STEP required before installing the coating and this is the most important step because the product you use must be strong enough to remove any residual polishing oils or other substances but safe enough to prevent dulling or marring the paint.

The normal steps to install a ceramic coating include,

  1. Wash and dry the car.
  2. Clay the paint if there are any above surface bonded contamination detected via the Baggie Test.
  3. Compound and polish the paint to remove any below surface defects like swirls and scratches.
  4. Use a panel wipe to chemically strip each body panel to prep it for the coating.
  5. Install the ceramic coating section by section, panel by panel.

* Step 4 is the extra step. Herein lies the problem.

Clearcoat paints are scratch-sensitive - Generally speaking, modern clearcoat paints tend to be harder than traditional single stage paints like lacquers and enamels used before 1980. While most clearcoat paints are harder than old school paints, they still scratch very easy. And because the clearcoat is like a WINDOW to the color coat, (called the basecoat), any swirls, scratches, scuffs, or towel marring – shows up like a sore thumb. This is because when you scratch something clear, the scratch is opaque or whitish in color and any medium to dark colored basecoats will reflect these whitish scratches back to our eyes making them very easy to see.

Most solvents are not good lubricants - The historic problem with most panel wipe or paint surface prep sprays, are the solvents used to do the actual work of dissolving polishing oils and other foreign substances are NOT good lubricants.

Now let me tie this together - If you take a conventional panel wipe, (a product that’s not a good lubricant), and wipe down a scratch-sensitive clearcoat, it’s really easy and also very common for this process to put towel marring back into the paint you just invested hours into buffing to perfect. In case you don’t know, towel marring is the fluffy way to describe light towel scratches.

See the problem? You need to use a panel wipe to prep the paint for the coating but using the panel wipe risks putting scratches back into the paint.

So, after you've invested hours into doing all the prep work, this includes washing, drying, claying, compounding, and polishing, the paint is now PERFECT – and the next step is to take a panel wipe and scratch the paint. Not good.

Here’s the good news… 3D isn’t no conventional car wax company and 3D WIPE isn’t any old conventional panel wipe. It’s better because 3D’s chemists are the best in the industry.

3D WIPE is a pro-grade product that is formulated to strip the paint without marring the paint at the same time. 3D Wipe is a water-based panel wipe that uses highly refined and filtered water as a base. We use a reverse osmosis process to remove all the total dissolved solids out of the water. Why? Because the water is the foundation for the formula. For cleaning ability, 3D WIPE uses a proprietary blend of surfactants.

3D WIPE is both safe and effective. It’s strong enough to remove any oils or other substances that would interfere with the proper bonding of the 3D Ceramic Coating to the paint but offers more than enough lubrication to prevent accidental towel marring. Plus – unlike most panel wipes, it’s safe for you, your skin and it smells great too.

3D on the outside of the bottle means you can trust the product on the inside of the bottle.

What is it? - This is a panel wipe, which is a product used to chemically strip a paint surface before installing a ceramic paint coating.

What does it do? - After compounding and polishing paint, or any other surface prep process but before installing the coating.

When do you use it? - After compounding and polishing paint, or any other surface prep process but before installing the coating.

Why use 3D Wipe over other options? - To make sure the paint surface is surgically clean so the coating can make a proper bond for best longevity and performance.

  • Water-based solvent safely removes residual polishing oils.
  • High lubricity formula helps to prevent accident towel marring.
  • Perfectly preps paint for the proper bonding for 3D Ceramic Coating.
  • Can be used on paint, glass, plastic, rubber, and metal surfaces.
  • Fresh, clean, pleasant scent – no harsh or foul odors.
  • The perfect pre-coating prep for 3D Ceramic Coating or any coating.
  • Green technology, Earth friendly and biodegradable.
  • Prop 65 & V.O.C. compliant.

IMPORTANT: Always work on a cool clean surface in the shade.

Lot of clean, soft microfiber towels 

The process for using 3D WIPE to prep the paint for the coating requires a lot of clean, soft, uncontaminated microfiber towels.

The reason why is because after you spray and wipe a section of paint – IF there were any polishing oils or any other substances on this section of paint, assuming you removed them using the WIPE and your microfiber towel – the residues are now on the towel. 

If you continue to use this towel, chances are good that you’ll simply cross-contaminate the next panels you work on if you continue to use the same towel. In a perfect prep scenario, you would only use one side of a folded towel one time. So simply put, have 6-8 good quality towels for the panel wipe process.

The order to approach wiping down a vehicle with 3D WIPE

Starting at the highest point, (usually the roof), work your way down and around the vehicle. After the roof, spray and wipe the horizontal panels like the hood and trunk lid next. After the horizontal panels, tackle vertical panels like fenders, doors, hatchbacks, and the grill area. Divide larger panels into smaller sections, no larger than 2’ by 2’ and work section-by-section. 

Step 1: Mist a heavy spray of 3D WIPE to a section of a panel. Using a clean, soft microfiber towel, folded 4-ways, spread the product over the surface.

Step 2: Next, flip the towel or fold to a dry side and re-wipe the treated section of paint until the surface is dry. Repeat this process over all the panels switching to a clean, dry microfiber towel often.

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