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Glassfiber Microfiber Glass Towel

Glassfiber Microfiber Glass Towel

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Product description

CARPRO GlassFiber Microfiber Towel 16"x 16"

Clean your windshield and windows with ease!

Introducing the CARPRO GlassFiber, designed for easy streak free cleansing of glass! The high-density microfiber weave provides maximum cleaning with minimum residue and streaking. GlassFiber is comprised of a specially designed exposed microfiber structure, wrapped over a thin sponge core to absorb liquids and improve its cleansing abilities!

Simply clean with one GlassFiber cloth utilizing your favorite glass cleaner and follow immediately with a second GlassFiber Cloth for a streak free finish!

Target Application:

Glass cleaning.


Streak free.
Excellent cleaning.
Lint free.
Durable, absorbent, and streak free wash after wash.


Size: 16" x 16".
Blend: 80/20.
Assembled in Germany.

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