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CARPRO ReTyre Tire & Rubber Cleaner

CARPRO ReTyre Tire & Rubber Cleaner

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CARPRO ReTyre was designed from the ground up specifically for the easy cleansing of tires from accumulated tire dressings, road film, and browning antioxidants. ReTyre from CARPRO provides a sparkling clean new tire look and prepares the surface to apply BlackOutPerlDarkside or your favorite tire sealant. Tire sealants, coatings, and dressings respond much better to a perfectly clean tire and in the case of CQUARTZ BlackOut it is absolutely imperative for a full bond!

The high potential hydrogen chemistry of CARPRO ReTyre, combined with its foaming design and agitation pulls the contamination out of the pores of the rubber for a deep clean like never before! While the high pH makes easy work of stripping stubborn filth, the foaming action allows much greater control over the solution, allowing you to keep ReTyre where you want and keep it off of any sensitive surfaces you wish to avoid. This professional strength formula makes easy work of a tough job. Buy yours today!


  • Removes browning, dressings, and road grime.
  • Restores new look of tires and rubber.
  • Foaming formula for easy cleaning and control of dripping.
  • pH 12~14.


  1. Use only with foaming spray nozzle (This is also a health precaution to protect lungs and avoid atomizing the liquid)
  2. Rinse tire well.
  3. Spray ReTyre generously onto the rubber, let it foam and dwell for 30 seconds.
  4. Spray onto a medium hard brush and agitate.
  5. Rinse the rubber and the brush thoroughly.
  6. Repeat until suds on rubber are white.
  7. After fully dried, protect tires with CARPRO PerlCARPRO Darkside or CQUARTZ BlackOut.
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