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Gelcoat Liquid Sanding

Liquid sanding paper to prepare the gel coat

Unleash the power. Liquid sanding is a groundbreaking innovation from Menzerna. This liquid sandpaper vigorously treats highly scratched, soiled, and crusted gel coats. Liquid sanding smooths out areas in need of repair. The perfect surface preparation to facilitate subsequent polishing.

Liquid sandpaper aggressively sands badly scratched, dirty or chalky gelcoats without creating sanding dust. This liquid sanding suspension also establishes clear conditions at repair sites, resulting in ideal surface preparation for subsequent polishing.

Pairs with: Non-Woven abrasive or Lambs Wool pads.

Suitable for: Rotary application or by hand.


– High-grade sanding powder, very easy to use
– Even sanding pattern
– Clean sanding pattern, also on curvatures
– No sanding dust, no dirt, no breathing protection required thanks to liquid suspension of the abrasive grits

Recommended usage:

  1. Before using: Clean the surface well.
  2. Shake the bottle and apply the product on the pad or abrasive fleece.
    Please note here: the larger the pad (or abrasive fleece), the more Gelcoat Liquid Sanding you need.
  3. For surface preparation, use the Menzerna Lambswool Pads (optional: Menzerna Heavy Cut Foam Pad) together with a rotary polishing machine or use a sanding fleece by hand.
  4. If you are using a rotary polishing machine (low machine speed and apply strong pressure), work in a cross-pattern and if polishing by hand do it in circling movements.
  5. Work out the product until the dirt on the surface is removed.
  6. Remove the residue with a microfiber cloth.
  7. The surface is now prepared and the polishing marks can be removed with the Gelcoat Premium One-Step Polish.
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