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Gelcoat Premium Protection

Long-lasting polymer sealant especially for boat care

Cutting-edge polymer technology enables a visibly fresher and noticeably smoother gel coat finish. Effervescent effect: less resistance, lower consumption. This sealant offers durable, long-lasting protection for your boat.

The latest polymer technologies create a visibly fresher and perceptibly smoother surface, resulting in less resistance and protection from – and adhesion of – environmental hazards.

Pairs with: Menzerna wax foam pad

Suitable for: Orbital or by hand application


– Flawless surface for economical flow characteristics
– Maintains and enhances the value of the boat
– Effectively prevents adhesion, even during extended lay days and downtime

Recommended usage:

  1.  Before using it: clean the already shiny surface with the Control Cleaner to ensure that it is free of fat.

  2. Shake the bottle and pour the product onto the polishing pad. Please note: the bigger the pad, the more Gelcoat Premium Protection you need.

  3. Apply the long-lasting sealant together with the Wax Foam Pad.

  4. To achieve a perfect result, we recommend using an orbital polishing machine and working in a crosspattern.

  5. Apply light, steady pressure while applying the product and use the polishing machine at low machine speed.

  6. After application: let the Gelcoat Premium Protection dry for at least 20 to 30 minutes. After drying remove residues with a premium microfiber cloth without applying pressure. Then let the sealant harden for at least 3 hours in a protected room.

  7. Optional: For a longer sealing effect, it is possible after the product dried out, to apply several layers of the Menzerna Gelcoat Premium Protection.

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