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Medium Cut Polish 2400

A liquid fine abrasive polish for the removal of moderately deep scratches

The best Medium Cut polish for fluid working on older dry paint systems or extremely soft coats (“sticky paint”). Car wash scratches, as well as moderately deep and fine scratches in the car paint, are swiftly taken care of. Improved agility ensures ease of use and glistening results.

Car polish MCP 2400

The MCP 2400 fine abrasive polish quickly polishes moderate and fine scratches, as well as car wash scratches, while simultaneously producing glistening results. The ideal automotive polish for older dry car coats. What’s more, the liquid formula also supports ease of use when working with soft coats and is therefore also an unsung hero for “sticky paint.” This automotive polish is suitable for use with rotary and orbital polishing machines alike, as well as hand-polishing.


  • Liquid formula facilitates ease of use on older dry finishes.
  • Silicone-free
  • Suitable for dry, hard, and older coats (classic cars)
  • Well suited for “sticky paint”
  • Reliable removal of moderately deep paint scratches and signs of use

Recommended usage:

  1. Clean the surface thoroughly.
  2. Shake the bottle and apply the polish to the Medium Cut Foam Pad.
  3. Use either a rotary or an orbital polishing machine and use the cross-coating method. The polish can also be applied by hand using the Hand Polishing Applicator.
  4. Exert moderate and even pressure while polishing and apply the product with a consistently moderate rotational speed.
  5. At first, the polish will seem a little milky and should be worked in until only a slightly transparent/oily film is visible.
  6. Once you have finished polishing, remove any residue with the Premium microfiber cloth.
  7. Scratches, sanding marks and signs of use/washing have now been removed. Now use a Menzerna Finish polish to remove any holograms.
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