SM Arnold BluGator Seat Belt Cleaning Brush

SM Arnold BluGator Seat Belt Cleaning Brush

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Clean dirty seatbelts with ease and in a fraction of the time!


We are proud to introduce to you the first and only seatbelt brush of its kind!    


BluGator is the most effective way to clean seat belts quickly and with less effort! Featuring an easy to hold grip and bristles that wrap over both sides of the seatbelt, you can easily scrub both sides of the seatbelt simultaneously AND with far less effort. The bristles combined with the design of the brush provide naturally even pressure as you go about your work! This creates an intuitive and balanced cleaning technique with no awkward contortions of your hands! Simply spray your favorite interior cleansing fluid on each side of the seatbelt, close the brush over the seatbelt, and easily scrub the stains away!


Stop struggling with one of the least enjoyable tasks of a detail and buy your BluGator today!



  • Made in the USA
  • Specifically designed to scrub both sides of seatbelt simultaneously
  • Removable brushes for additional uses
  • Metal free, epoxy set bristles
  • Chemical resistant
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