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Sonax Ceramic Spray Coating - 750ml

Sonax Ceramic Spray Coating - 750ml

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Long-lasting coating with ceramic technology protects the treated surface against dirt, insects, and road salt. Washing cars and trucks is simplified with Sonax Ceramic Spray Coating, and it produces a high-gloss finish without the requirement of time-consuming polishing.

Sonax Ceramic Spray Coating creates a durable, mirror-like shine on automotive paint finishes. Si-Carbon Technology lays down a durable carbon layer that bonds to the paint, and a thin layer of silicon migrates to the top surface to create a just-waxed look and feel.

The Si carbon technology in Sonax Ceramic Spray Coating ensures a velvety soft surface. Paintwork coated with Sonax Ceramic Spray Coating gleams with a lasting mirror-like gloss. This coating revitalizes existing ceramic coatings and provides up to 6 months of hydrophobic protection.


  1. Wash and decontaminate the exterior of the vehicle before applying the coating. For best results, polish the paint and wipe with a zero-residue surface-prep cleanser prior to coating.
  2. Shake bottle before use.
  3. Spray Sonax Ceramic Spray Coating onto a clean plush microfiber towel.
  4. Gently wipe an area in a crosshatch (up and down, left and right) pattern to fully coat the area with product.
  5. Buff excess product off the area with a dry microfiber towel. TIP: if you see inconsistencies or streaking in the finish, buff the area again with a damp microfiber.
  6. Repeat this process over the entire vehicle.
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