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Profiline Cut & Finish 5|5 250 ml

Profiline Cut & Finish 5|5 250 ml

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  • INCREDIBLE ABRASIVE EFFECT for quickly eradicating paint defects such as dust occlusion, paint overspray, water spots, and sanding marks
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY allows for long working time with unmatched ease of removal
  • QUALITY CUT & FINISH compound is ideal for polishing sanded down surfaces to deliver an exceptional high glossy finish
  • TRUE PERFORMANCE scale is rated at 5 for cut and 5 for gloss.making this a remarkable product removing up to P1500 sand scratches
  • SILICONE & SOLVENT FREE formula with low dust technology

From the manufacturer

Sonax Cut & Finish, Heavy Cut Polish Compound

sonax cut finish polishing compound car truck RV detailing cleaning

Sonax Cut+Finish Heavy Cut Polish

Sonax Cut+Finish professional cutting polish removes marks of P1500 grit or finer, including paint defects, scratches, dust inclusions, and severely scratched or oxidized paint work without damaging the clear coat.

  sonax ultimate cut detailing compound sonax cutmax detailing compound sonax cut+finish detailing compound sonax perfect finish detailing polish compound sonax EX 04-06 detailing polish compound Sonax NP 03-06 detailing polish compound
  Ultimate Cut CutMax Cut + Finish Perfect Finish EX 04-06 NP 03-06
  Ultra Cut Compound Heavy Cut Compound Heavy Cut Polish Medium Cut Polish Medium Cut Compound Medium Cut Polish
Cut 6+ 6 5 4 4 3
Gloss 3 4 5 6 6 6
Removes P Marks P1000 P1500 P1500 P2000 P2000 P2500
Recommended Pad Hard Polishing Pad (Red), Lambswool, Hybrid Wool Hard Polishing Pad (Red), Lambswool, Hybrid Wool Medium Foam Pad (Green), Hard Polishing Pad (Red) Medium Foam Pad (Green) Medium Orbital Polishing Pad (Yellow) Medium Foam Pad (Green)
Silicone Free
Low Dust
Water Based
Bodyshop Safe
No Fillers
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