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SONAX Profiline Hybrid Coating

SONAX Profiline Hybrid Coating

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SONAX Hybrid ceramic Coating CC One is a single Stage Efficiency in a Professional Coating. SONAX has devel­oped CC One as a professional coating that effec­tively strengthens the atomic bond to painted surfaces during the curing process. SONAX Hybrid Coating CC One acti­vates the cohe­sion of painted surfaces to produce protective molecular coating with a deep shine. The kit comes with a grip pad, this pad ensures optimum ergonomic handling while absorbing the coating and dispersing it evenly across the surface. After application, wait three to five minutes, remove any excess with a microfiber cloth. The Hybrid Coating CC One will then react, leaving you with a deep reflective gloss surface.

Product sufficient to coat 2 mid-sized vehicles.

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