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Elevate your auto detailing arsenal with our specialized Natural Tampico Spoke Brush, designed explicitly for the meticulous cleaning of wheel rims. With its 11-inch brush length and an extended overall length of 17 inches, tackling the deep recesses and the barrels of rims becomes an effortless task, ensuring a thorough clean even in the most challenging spots.

Crafted from high-quality, natural Tampico fibers, this brush is adept at loosening and removing brake dust, road grime, and dirt collected in the wheel wells and on the spokes. The fibers' natural stiffness and water absorption properties make them ideally suited for both wet and dry use, delivering an unparalleled clean without scratching or damaging the delicate wheel finishes.

The brush features a durable wood handle designed for comfort and control during extended periods of detailing, allowing for precision cleaning of each spoke and the inner barrel of the rims. Moreover, the inclusion of a convenient metal hook at the end of the handle ensures the brush can be easily hung up for storage, keeping it accessible and in perfect condition for your next detailing session.

Whether you're a professional auto detailer or an enthusiast looking to keep your wheels in pristine condition, this Natural Tampico Spoke Brush offers the effectiveness, durability, and precision needed to achieve a spotless finish.

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