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Comprehensive Automotive Detailing Course

Comprehensive Automotive Detailing Course

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This comprehensive hands-on course provides in-depth training in professional automotive detailing techniques, including interior and exterior cleaning, polishing, waxing, preservation, and business development. Students will gain practical skills and knowledge to pursue a career in automotive detailing or start their own detailing business.

  • Module 1: Introduction to Automotive Detailing
    • Overview of automotive detailing industry
    • Importance of maintaining vehicle appearance
    • Safety precautions and environmental considerations
  • Module 2: Interior Detailing Techniques
    • Cleaning and vacuuming upholstery
    • Dashboard and interior trim cleaning
    • Carpet and floor mat cleaning
    • Window and mirror cleaning
  • Module 3: Exterior Detailing Techniques
    • Washing and drying
    • Clay bar treatment for paint decontamination
    • Polishing and waxing for paint protection
    • Wheel and tire cleaning
  • Module 4: Advanced Detailing Techniques
    • Paint correction and swirl removal
    • Headlight restoration
    • Trim and plastic restoration
    • Engine bay cleaning
  • Module 5: Professional Practices and Business Development
    • Customer service and client interaction
    • Marketing and promoting a detailing business
    • Time management and pricing strategies
    • Building a detailing portfolio

This comprehensive course integrates practical demonstrations and hands-on training for students to master professional automotive detailing techniques while also acquiring essential business development skills. Successful completion of this course will prepare students for entry-level positions in automotive detailing or for entrepreneurship in the automotive detailing industry.

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