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Tornador Z-011 Foam Gun

Tornador Z-011 Foam Gun

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Turn Any Cleaner Into a Blizzard of Thick Long-Lasting Foam!

Tornador® Foam Gun Features:

  • Drastically speeds up cleaning time
  • Reach tight spots and areas easily
  • Low wear and maintenance
  • Low noise emissions



When washing your vehicle, do you feel you don’t have adequate lubrication or cleaning power because the suds run off the paint? You’ll never experience that with the TORNADOR® Foam Gun. The gun allows you to presoak the vehicle with clinging foam. The foam stays where it’s sprayed. As you wash the vehicle, there is a layer of light foam between your mitt and the paint. With the TORNADOR® Foam Gun your shampoo foam won’t fall flat.

The Foam Gun only works with an air compressor capable of producing 60-90 psi of air pressure. The higher the air pressure, the greater the foam generated by the gun. The unique barrel on the gun mixes the shampoo and pressurized air to create a blizzard of foam. You’ll be amazed! The amount of foam is regulated by a pressure valve on the gun. Use as little or as much foam as you need.

The TORNADOR® Foam Gun can be used with any foaming cleaner, such as car shampoos, carpet and upholstery cleaners, and non-acidic wheel cleaners. Please note: Thoroughly flush all parts of the foam gun with water between uses to prevent cross-contamination of vehicle surfaces. The best rule of thumb is to use different foam guns for different parts of the vehicle.

Interior shampoos and car wash soaps can be diluted per the manufacturers’ instructions prior to adding them to the TORNADOR'S® reservoir.

The TORNADOR® Foam Gun includes the gun with a 30 oz. jar and an extra cap for the jar. You will need an air compressor to use the TORNADOR®. To use the TORNADOR® Foam Gun for car washing, start by rinsing down the vehicle with a water hose. Mix the desired shampoo with water as directed on the product’s label. Attach the nozzle to the jar tightly and attach the gun to the air compressor. Turn the air compressor i and coat the vehicle with foam. Turn off the air compressor and agitate vehicle with a sponge or mitt. Rinse with your water hose!

To use the TORNADOR® Foam Gun for interior carpet and fabric cleaning, dilute a concentrated interior cleaner per the label directions. Spray the carpet and seats with foam and use a brush to agitate the area. Then towel dry and vacuum.

Two fittings are included that attach to the diffuser cap:

Narrow Nozzle - designed to apply upholstery shampoo between seats, kick panels, seat rails - areas where you do not want a lot of foam.

Wide Nozzle – great for using on exterior of vehicle and provides more concentrated strip of product that will cling better. More concentrated strip means less splatter and wasted product.

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