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Koch Chemie Interior Brush Set

Koch Chemie Interior Brush Set

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The Koch Chemie Interior Brush Set contains high quality brushes designed to help you tackle any interior detailing step! The set consists of three brushes and each is color-coded (red, green, yellow) depending on what they were designed for.

The red brush is ideal for cleaning the sill trim, foot pedals or for other rough work as the brush is more stiff.

The yellow brush is the right choice for lighter work, such as cleaning the ventilation grill, buttons, trim. etc. due to finer bristles.

When it comes to cleaning sensitive displays or piano lacquers, the green brush is great due to the incredibly fine and soft bristles. Pair each brush with your desired cleaners to help target these specific interior areas and you will have three amazing cleaning tools at your disposal! 


Easily clean various interior surfaces

Kit includes three brushes to safely target different areas

Pairs well with your favorite Koch Chemie cleaning chemicals

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