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Introducing Cytrus Turbo, the ultimate solution for effective and safe cleaning with pressure washing equipment. This specially formulated product is designed to deliver outstanding performance, particularly when used with hot water and mechanical agitation.

Cytrus Turbo is your go-to choice for powerful cleaning results. Its unique formulation ensures compatibility with pressure washers, allowing for efficient and effective application. Whether you're tackling tough dirt, grime, or grease, Cytrus Turbo gets the job done with ease.

To enhance its performance and maximize cleaning power, Cytrus Turbo is optimized for use with hot water and mechanical agitation. This combination creates a dynamic cleaning process, making it ideal for a wide range of applications, from industrial settings to automotive cleaning.

Please note that the Cytrus Turbo 205 Liter size is available for pre-order and will be ready for shipping in just two weeks. By opting for the larger size, you can ensure a steady supply of this exceptional cleaning solution.

Experience the difference with Cytrus Turbo and unlock the full potential of your pressure washing equipment. Clean with confidence and trust in a product that is designed to deliver unmatched results.

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