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Meguiar's Hot Shine™ Tire Foam - 19 oz

Meguiar's Hot Shine™ Tire Foam - 19 oz

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Clean, shine & protect your tires in one easy step. Hot Shine™ Tire Foam powers through build-up to reveal a deep black shine. Now in a foam formula, your tires will look even hotter! Meguiar's® Hot Shine™ Tire Foam clings and penetrates the tire's rubber to create a glossy, black sheen, while its foam technology lifts and releases dirt and grease so your tires look clean and well-maintained. And with its water-resistant polymers and anti-ozonant technology (UV inhibitors), this special formula lasts for weeks on end. Through rains and washings, Hot Shine™ Tire Foam hangs on and keeps your tires looking black and glossy.

  • The thick, active foam clings to tires, dissolving away build-up to leave your tires looking clean and well-maintained.
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