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Snow Foam Gun 1L

Snow Foam Gun 1L

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Snow Foam Gun 1L
Snow Foam Cannon - For Pressure Washers
Product Description
Snow Foam Lance. Shoot pressurized Car wash foam, snow foam and more from your pressure washer for a touchless wash. Used for automotive, RV, Boats, Planes and more
The Foam Cannon gives you a touchless car wash system in your own driveway, your business fleet of vehicles or your car dealership. Attach the Foam Cannon to your pressure washer using the included quick release connector and wash your car with thick, clinging foam. Using the Foam Cannon to spray the soap onto your vehicle means you aren't touching and rubbing dirt and abrasives against the paint while you manually apply the shampoo. The Foam Cannon minimizes physical contact with the vehicle to minimize wash-induced swirls on your clear coat. When combined with our snow foam that we have developed the results are magnificent. It can also be used with any other quality washing soap or snow foam.

How to use the Foam Cannon to wash your car?

Use your pressure washer to pre-rinse the vehicle with water. Load the Foam Cannon with a soap/water mix and attach it to your pressure washer (follow the wash or snow foam dilution ratio instructions). Shoot a thick coat of foam onto the vehicle to loosen and lubricate dirt. Let the foam settle and work on the dirt for 5-10 minutes and then rinse off with water. On dusty or lightly dirty vehicles, you may not even need to hand-wash!

Included: 1 x 32oz snow foam bottle with lance, 1 x quick connect (fits most pressure washers, check to confirm) and the foam lance (this is important and not many devices include this). The lance is made of brass and quality plastics. This is a must have device for efficient and fun washing!

Note: Foam lance comes with 1/4" quick connect, fits most pressure washers, check to confirm (silver attachment per pictures).

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